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ABU DHABI Exeed Precast LLC P.O. Box 28866 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF)

Emirates Filament Factory produces Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) and ships it worldwide to various product manufacturers looking for high-quality BCF products.  

BCF can be used for product manufacturing purposes. These include:

  • Carpets & Rugs
  • Motor Vehicle Mats
  • Marine Ropes

BCF products can be customized using various processing techniques to suit various clients’ needs.

  • Twisting/cabling

We can produce single yarn twisting and double yarn cabling with high precision TPM range. The cabling process precedes the Heat Set Process.

  • Heat Set:

The heat setting process is a thermal process where the twist given to a yarn bundle is fixed to stay for a longer time, while used for carpet piling, The heat setting process increases the volume of the synthetic fibers – also known as Bulk Development.

  • Straight

The Heat-Set Straight is the most common and most requested format for BCF Products.

  • Frieze

The heat Set/Frieze process allows for various amounts of crimping to the yarns. This affects the look and feel of the finished weaving of the product. This process results in heavier deniers, stores higher amounts of energy, and leads to good resilience properties.

BCF yarns are delivered on bobbins of specific diameters either in twisted or cabling formats, depending on clients’ needs.

Specification Range Available at Exeed Emirates Filament Factory:

Please contact our team of experts, they will be able to help customize the solution to fit your production needs.