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ABU DHABI Exeed Precast LLC P.O. Box 28866 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

About Us

Exeed Emirates Filament Factory is one of the leading producers of polypropylene multifilament yarn in UAE, which manufactures and delivers polypropylene multifilament yarn and protective face masks to the UAE, GCC, and further international markets.

Emirates Filament Factory is located in ICAD 1, Abu Dhabi, covering a total area of 14,800 m².  The facility is a partially automated production system with state-of-the-art machinery sourced from leading European suppliers. Emirates Filament Factory produces Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF), in twisting/cabling format, Heat Set/Frieze, and Heat Set/Straight.

The team at Exeed Emirates Filament Factory can work closely with clients on color and size customization that will further support them in producing high-quality end-products.

We follow strict quality control procedures, complying with international standards. Quality is at the forefront of our operations at Exeed Emirates Filament Factory.

Exeed Emirates Filament Factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Mission

At Emirates Filaments Factory, our mission is to be the foremost provider of innovative and high-performance BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) and heat-set solutions, catering to the carpet industry. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality, reliable, and sustainable filaments that elevate the standards of carpet manufacturing. Through cutting-edge research, advanced manufacturing techniques, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, we aim to be the trusted partner for carpet manufacturers seeking exceptional BCF and heat-set solutions, driving progress and excellence in the carpet industry. 

Our Vision

Our vision at Emirates Filaments Factory is to be the leading force in revolutionizing the carpet industry through BCF and heat-set solutions. We envision a future where our filaments are synonymous with superior carpet performance, aesthetics, and durability. By continuously pushing the boundaries of filament technology, embracing sustainable practices, and collaborating with carpet manufacturers, we aspire to set new industry benchmarks, strengthen market leadership, and contribute to the advancement of the carpet industry globally. 

Core Values


We specialize in BCF and heat-set solutions, leveraging our expertise to provide carpet manufacturers with cutting-edge products that meet their unique requirements.


We foster a culture of innovation, investing in R&D to introduce new and improved BCF and heat-set solutions that push the boundaries of carpet manufacturing.


We embrace sustainability as a core value, promoting eco-friendly filament materials and manufacturing processes that contribute to a greener carpet industry.

Customer Focus

We prioritize our customers in the carpet industry, offering personalized solutions, expert support, and tailored services to ensure their success and satisfaction.


We value collaboration with carpet manufacturers, understanding their needs and challenges, and working together to develop solutions that address industry demands.


We uphold the highest ethical standards, conducting business with honesty, transparency, and integrity, and building enduring relationships with our clients and partners.


We prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and end-users, adhering to strict safety standards in the manufacturing of our filament solutions.

By upholding these core values, Emirates Filaments Factory aims to fulfill its mission, achieve its vision, and be the trusted and preferred partner for the carpet industry, driving progress and innovation in BCF and heat-set solutions, and contributing to the success and growth of our customers in the carpet manufacturing sector.